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Classes and Workshops

Celia Buchanan offers a diverse range of classes suitable for both beginners and experienced learners. These classes cover various disciplines such as encaustic, mixed media, printmaking, painting, and sculpture, to name a few. The classes are held in Celia's home and studio, located in the heart of the picturesque Catskill Mountains, and are presented in an easy-to-understand format. With over 30 years of experience as an educator, Celia's goal is to provide a pleasant and stimulating environment for you to explore your creativity and develop your artistic skills.

Celia is available to teach in person at your school, art association, club, or guild.

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Mono Printing Using Gel Plates: Learn to create one-of-a-kind monoprints using gel plates and acrylic paints. Spontaneity is the beauty of this medium. It’s a combination of printmaking, painting, and drawing media all rolled into one.  


Mixed Media Collage: This is a perfect opportunity to explore various applications and techniques, such as GelPlate mono printing, embossing with textured plates, acrylic mediums, and drawing materials. Whether you are a painter, photographer, or just a creative person, this workshop will help you merge all your artistic skills into one harmonious masterpiece. You can incorporate color, texture, photography, abstract and bold designs, or even ethereal elements. Don't miss this chance to create something magnificent!

Block/Lino Printing: Learn how to create bold Lino prints with powerful lines and uniform areas of color. The strong contrast between paper and ink creates the classical bold imagery that is unique to this art form. You will spend time learning how to carve your design in the Lino block and make uniform high-quality prints from that. This workshop is designed to give you all the fundamental instruction needed to venture into the fascinating world of


Lino and Relief Printing

Collagraph Printing: This is a simple relief-style printing technique where texture and form are created by applying various materials including card, paper, plastic, glue, string, etc. to a rigid substrate. It is the opposite of Lino or woodcut printing where material is carved or removed from the block. Found objects can be incorporated into the process as well as paper-cut shapes etc.

Intaglio Printing: Generate subtle and bold form, shading, and texture using dry point and abrasion techniques. This is etching without the hazardous chemicals using plexiglass plates. In the class water mixable oil paint is used as an ink removing the need for harsh solvents.

Mixed Media Water Mixable Oils. Are you curious about using oils in your mixed media work but don’t want to use solvents? With Royal Talens Cobra Study Water Mixable Oils, explore ways to integrate these very user-friendly oil colors within mixed media applications; solvent-free! Join Celia Buchanan for a water-mixable oil class that explores textures, grounds and surfaces, in combination with water-soluble oil pastels to produce truly satisfying results.

Resonant Watercolor: Using the gouache resist technique. Introduce bold marks and contrast using a resist technique combining watercolor, inks, pastels, and gouache for truly outstanding results. Take your watercolor and water media work to another level.


Vibrant Vistas. Abstract Watercolor Landscapes: This workshop pushes the frontiers of conventional watercolor painting by incorporating synthetic paper and bold abstract composition. You will learn the fundamental philosophies of watercolor painting and apply those to non-traditional surfaces. Techniques covered will include color blending, brush techniques, and composition.


Painting with lustrous transparent dye colors. Working with various dye-based colors on paper and other surfaces to create vibrant transparent layered images that can only be created using dyes, apply subtractive and resist techniques to create bold and vivid artwork


Watercolor Embossing:  This workshop is designed to push the boundaries of traditional watercolor painting by incorporating the beautiful technique of embossing. You will learn the fundamental principles of watercolor painting, including color blending, brush techniques, and composition. Discover the captivating world of embossed watercolors, where textures and dimensions come to life. This class will guide you through the details of this unique artistic fusion.


Abstract Collage: Create unique handmade papers formed using a variety of printing and patterning techniques. Then utilize them to construct one of a kind mixed media masterpiece collage.


Encaustic Painting: Immersed in classical history the workshop includes the application of ancient encaustic techniques. Control and manipulate warm and cold wax to create beautiful, contemporary finishes that are unique to the encaustic medium. Monoprint using wax. Encaustic can be combined with other painting and drawing techniques, to create encaustic mixed media pieces.  Encaustic brings incredible depth and richness to artwork.


Acrylic Faux Finishing Techniques: Learn how to create beautiful surfaces using faux and glazing techniques that can be applied in a myriad of applications from fine art to home décor.

Mixed Media Done Right: An exploration of multimedia techniques using stencils and resist techniques incorporating watercolor inks, soft water-soluble wax pastels, liquid sprayable acrylics, and beyond. Learn the correct way to combine multimedia and maintain archivally stable work.


Acrylic Surfaces and Mediums: Spend some time exploring wonderful textures and unique surfaces and walk through a preverbal paradise of texture, color, and endless possibilities using Acrylic, Gels, Mediums, and Paints. 


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