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Portfolio: Celia Buchanan

More than thirty years of experimentation has taught me how little I know about the complexities of making my mark on a surface. Guided by my curiosity to learn, I find myself on a continued quest for a greater understanding of what my materials and tools can do for me. 
My work, available here for viewing, is an expression of integral partners — thoughts, observations, humor and color — spanning back to 1999, when I immigrated to the United States. I hope you enjoy what you see. 
Comments and feedback on my work are always welcome. Please don’t hesitate to contact me to let me know what you think!


​Encaustic Mixed Media:​

I have long admired art made using encaustic techniques but had little experience of working with hot and cold waxes until early 2010. As a fairly recent inclusion in my body of work, wax is used in a combination of mixed media and pure encaustic applications.

Click on image to view work.

Acrylic Mixed Media:


Since 2001 I have explored the abundant possibilities that using acrylic has to offer in my artwork; my admiration was nurtured during the many years I spent working with Golden Artist Colors. I am ever thankful for the thorough education I received from them in the diverse nature and application of this medium.

Click on image to view work.

Silk Paintings:


After graduating from art school in 1988 I was introduced to silk painting as a less time consuming method of designing fabric. 25 years later it still captivates me as a medium to work with and is now included in many of my acrylic mixed media pieces.

Click on image to view work.


Rather than view the use of digital media as the end of painting as I know it, I find digital media provides me with almost limitless possibilities to sketch, manipulate and collage images for future physical work. Included in this selection are a few of those sketches and montages.

Click on image to view work.

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